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By Kate MurphyReutersHealth and FitnessFirst published: August 11, 201912:48:24AMMore stories from New ZealandRead moreThis week, New Zealand’s top sportsman has taken to social media to share her own personal trainer’s advice on keeping her daughter in good shape.

Carrie Fisher, 71, has been training for a month and a half to become the first woman to compete in a marathon, as well as competing in four weight classes, the latest step towards becoming the world’s strongest female bodybuilder.

Fisher’s daughter, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Magi, is the youngest of four children, and her brother and sister-in law, both retired athletes, also live with her.

Fischer’s daughter Magi is the world-record holder in the 800 metres (1,800 metres in 4.56 seconds) at the New Zealand World Championships in 2019.

The daughter-a-thon in her first year was a record for the sport.

But the former Hollywood star and her daughter Maguire Fisher, 65, are also taking a lot of responsibility for the welfare of their daughter.

Carri Fisher has been a professional bodybuilder since she was 10.

Now she has a two-year-old daughter with husband, Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg.

The two were also close friends.

Fishing for the record is tough.

I am proud of her.

I have to take care of her and take care in how I train.

Carries out routine checks and nutrition.

Magi Fisher said she has been watching how she works and taking time to catch up with her daughter.

Magi Fisher was the world record holder in a race in the 200 metres (4,100 metres in 9.44 seconds) on Thursday. 

I think we all do.

Fishers daughter, Maguie Fisher, was also the world champion in the women’s 400m freestyle.

“She is not just a mom to my daughter, but I think she is a mentor to me,” Fisher said.

“I want to take my daughter out there and take her for a walk and be with her.”

Fisher is the mother of four and lives with her husband Mark Weltberg, who also works in the film industry.

Fury over the death of the world bodybuilder in her early 50sCarrie is the oldest of the four Fishers children and her older daughter, Jody, is still a teenager.

Fingers crossed for Jody and the future, Fisher said with a smile.

“I know she is not going to be as strong as her brother or sister-a lot of the time.”

I am hoping she will be strong.

If not, I know I can always do something for her.

“Carrie was a big advocate for weight training in her youth and said she would encourage her daughters to take part in it.”

You want to get as strong and as healthy as you can, no matter what,” Fisher told the Associated Press news agency in December.”

It was my intention that they would be as active in the sport as I was and have the best of intentions.

“Fishers son, Mark, is also the father of her two daughters.

Fights are a common part of the family’s life.

Fisher said they are always up for anything.”

We’re always going to have our fun,” Fisher quipped.”

As long as we have fun and we have the right mindset and we’re always doing what we want to do, that’s how we stay motivated.

“Carri has also taken on the role of chief nutritionist and sports medicine officer at the Fisher family clinic.

Fisher also has her own foundation and has become a leading figure in promoting nutrition and exercise as part of a healthier New Zealand lifestyle.

Fitness and health are Fisher’s priority.

She has also been training with other elite athletes, including American golfer Tiger Woods and Australian golfer Rory McIlroy.