How to save Florida fishing license costs by changing the rules July 7, 2021 July 7, 2021 admin

A Florida fishing permit can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $70,000.

And if you’re a single dad who has to do the job of raising two children, you may not be able to get it if the state legislature passes a bill to change the law.

Read moreFlorida Fishers license is a “personal property” and not a “business,” said Bill Feltz, the head of Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection.

But Feltman said that means it could be used by a fishing license holder for any purpose.

So why does Florida’s legislature have to pass a bill that would change the state’s fishing license rules?

Because of a “lack of clarity” in the law, said Florida Republican Representative Rick Wilson, who chairs the House Committee on Natural Resources.

The House Judiciary Committee voted in favor of the bill Thursday.

It is unlikely to make it to the full House floor, but Feltmans legislation could make it into the state senate.

Wilson, who is a member of the Republican-dominated state Senate, said that the lack of clarity around the state licensing system in general was a reason why he and his colleagues did not support the bill.

“We are concerned with clarity,” he said.

Florida is one of only four states that allow fishermen to obtain licenses, but lawmakers have yet to make any changes to the state license system.

“This is a personal property,” Felt said.

“And so I’m not sure that it should be used for any other purpose.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) director Bill Mazzilli said that his agency would look into the bill, which would be subject to the approval of the Florida Senate and the state House.FWC is currently working on new licensing guidelines and a draft bill would allow licenses to be used as collateral for a loan, Mazzillis office said in a statement.