What to order when you need to eat cod with fish in it July 20, 2021 July 20, 2021 admin

Cod is often eaten with rice or pasta, and fish is another popular dish, but this cod fish recipe can be served as a vegan dish too.

The recipe is inspired by the Japanese cod fish and uses the cod fillets as a filling for a vegetarian dish.

This fish is so versatile that you can substitute the cod with tuna, shrimp, salmon or even a variety of other fish, including snapper, halibut and mackerel.

You can also add in some rice to make this a healthy vegetarian dish to eat with rice.

You don’t need to cook it in a pan, though.

You could add some of the vegetable oil to the pan instead.

You also need to be sure to keep the lid on for about 20 minutes to let the juices evaporate.

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