What you need to know about catching a fish with a rod July 26, 2021 July 26, 2021 admin

You’ll need to get the rod out of your bag, as you’ll want to catch the fish on the surface.

You can use a lure or a fishing pole to lure the fish to the bait.

You’ll also need a fish hook to catch it.

Once you’ve got the fish hooked up to the rod, the next step is to pull the bait into your mouth.

You should be able to swallow the bait whole, or just the bait portion.

You might want to use a little of the bait, if it’s a big fish, or even a small fish.

But the rest should be swallowed.

Then, you’ll need a line to tie it all together.

Make sure you don’t cut the bait off or use too much of it.

You may have to go to the kitchen for a few minutes to get it all out.

It’ll be nice to have some food and water on hand.

The most important thing to remember is that you don´t want to leave any bits of bait in your mouth for too long, so you should always keep a few pieces out.

If you find you are not catching enough fish to feed yourself, then you can also throw in a piece of the food.

This will allow you to have a second chance at the bait once the first one is gone.

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