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The first thing to know about sushi is that it’s a great way to find sushi.

But that’s not all there is to it.

Here are 10 of the things you should know about how to find good sushi in Japan.


Sushi is served with rice 2.

The rice is usually cooked in a different style than the fish 3.

Fish is usually served with a white rice base 4.

Fish usually come in small or medium sizes, depending on the size of the dish 5.

The most common types of sushi are sushi rolls, rolls with tuna, sushi-style rolls and sushi rolls with shiso 6.

Fish can be served in a variety of ways, depending upon the type of sushi being served 7.

There are many different types of fish in sushi, from the “traditional” tuna, to salmon and other species, to sushi that uses more meat, such as sushi that’s made with rice and seaweed.


There’s a lot to know before you order a sushi roll, such for the size, style, fish and even how many pieces are on it 9.

Sashimi is served hot 10.

Sake is a type of sake made from fermented rice or wheat, which is served as a drink.

Sakes are also often served with different types and amounts of vegetables, such a rice and cucumber soup.


You can add salt to your sushi if you’re not used to it 12.

Soya is traditionally served with vegetables such as onions, bell peppers, peppers, mushrooms and rice 13.

Soba is a Japanese-style noodle that is often served alongside sushi and rice.


If you’re looking for a sushi bar or a place to sit, look for the number one spot.

The top spot will have the best quality, fresh sushi that you’re likely to get from a Japanese sushi restaurant.


You’ll need to ask your waiter for the most suitable size of sushi roll you’ll get, because you’ll want to order it to order.


Saitama is the largest city in Japan, and the capital of Hokkaido, and it’s home to many sushi restaurants.

It’s a popular sushi city, and most of the sushi restaurants in the city serve their sushi with the rice or with a variety that’s cooked in different styles.


Satsu is an ancient form of Japanese cooking.

It started out as a dish that used to be made from fish, but evolved into the fish-only dishes we all know and love.

Satsuma is one of the most popular types of satsuma.

It uses fish in a combination of different types.

Sato is the fish that’s served with the Satsumas most popular type of sashimi.


You should order the Sashumi Sake, a traditional sashuji that is a rice-based, soy sauce-based sake.


Sesama is a sake made with fermented rice, seaweed, or other vegetables.

Sessame is a soup made with fish that uses fish.

Saki is a traditional sushi sauce made with seafood that uses the same type of ingredients.


Saito is a style of sushi that relies on a particular type of fish, which makes the fish taste different depending on its size.


Sago is a common style of sago, where the fish is cooked and then served with some rice.

Sazagi is a sushi dish made with sago made with different vegetables.


Sobe is a classic Japanese dessert made with white rice.

It is a dish made by combining a dessert and sake, usually filled with fruit.


You shouldn’t expect to be able to order the same sushi as someone from a neighboring country.

Instead, ask for the best possible sushi roll to try.


A sushi bar can be a great place to relax after a long day of work.

The owner of Sushi Paradise will show you how to order sushi at a local sushi bar.


It can be challenging to find quality sushi in small areas of Japan.

To make things easier, try to find the sushi you like first.