Ohio anglers are reeling as striped bass fishing license suspended August 23, 2021 August 23, 2021 admin

The Ohio Fish and Boat Commission has suspended a license for striped bass anglers after an investigation into whether they had breached its rules.

The commission on Thursday also said that it will begin issuing new striped bass licenses for 2015.

The Toledo Blade reported that the suspension was prompted by an investigation of the licensing process, which included more than 400 people.

“In the course of its investigation, the commission was unable to determine whether or not striped bass fishermen violated any rule, and therefore suspended their fishing license,” a commission spokesman said in a statement.

“The commission is working to determine how this incident affects the number of striped bass licensees in the state.”

The Toledo Star-News reported that Toledo is the first Ohio city to suspend a fishing license.

The paper reported that a Toledo woman has sued to have the license suspended, alleging that she has been denied the right to fish.

Striped bass is considered a threat to commercial fishing in many parts of the state, and its presence in Toledo could cause problems for fishermen, who say they are forced to go out of their way to avoid being caught.

Striper bass, which can weigh up to 4 feet, can grow to 10 feet and are among the most prolific bass species.