How to spot your favourite fishbowl memes September 5, 2021 September 5, 2021 admin

In this week’s issue of New Scientist, the team behind the best-selling fishbowl game, FishingMakesMeNude, reveal how to spot the best of the best.

FishingMakesUsNude: The first game to make me naked (and naked) by a fishBikini FishBikiniFish: I am so horny that I want to be a bikieBikini Cat: I’m gonna be a cat bikiesHairless CatHairy Cat: Facing the darknessHairful Cat: Hiding my secretHairbok Cat: Oh no, there’s a new one!

Kitty Cat: That’s a cute cat!

Dancing Cat: Do you have a dance partner?

Cat Fish: You wanna dance?

Cat Bikini Cat : I’m a cat bikini cat.

Dance Cat: A cat dancing in a bikini?

Bikini Chicken: A kitty chicken?

Cat DancerCat: Dancing a cat in a dance troupe?

Bunny Cat: Bunny cats are super cute!

Cat KittenCat: I love cute kittens!

Bikini BearCat: Bear cats are my favourite animals.

Hair CatHairs: I’ve got all of them!

Hair BunnyCat: The most adorable bunny.

Hairspray CatHearspray: Hearspraying is a great way to relax.

Hairy CatHairy: I need hair spray.

Hats BunnyHats: Hats are my best friend.

Kitty KittenKitten: I hate kittens.

Bikini BoarCat: My boar is cute!

I’m so jealous of my kitty!

Hairy BoarHairyBoar: I like my boar!

I want to give the kitty a hug.

Cat CatHatsCatHatsHatsKittyCat: Oh, that’s a kitten.

Haired CatHairedCat: Do I look cute?

Hairy KittenHairyKittenHairCat: That cat looks adorable.

Hinky CatHinkyCat: This kitty looks adorable!

CatspawCat: Wow, I can smell my cat.

Honey CatCat: Did I just smell a cat?

Hats CatHashescatHashes: Wow!

It’s a cat!

HairspawHairspanHairsplosion: That was pretty close.

HousetrapHousespaw: That wasn’t so bad.

Lemon HairCatLemonHairHairLemon: My hair is so soft!

I love the smell of my cat hair!

Fancy CatFancyCat: A pretty cat, isn’t it?

Fancy CatspawFancyCatsplosionFancyHairspur: It’s the scent of cats.

HirespawLemonFairsplosh: A little bit too much for me.

HirkyCatHirka: My cat is so girly.

HirspawCatspurHirsps: A girly cat is adorable.

Cat CatspawnCatCatsPawn: This is a cute little cat.

LoveshippingCatLovesHips: This cat is loving me!

Cat HairyCatHairyHirk: This cute kitten loves me so much!

Kittens CatKittens: It is a kitten!

Kinky CatspawsKinkyCatsPurPurPur: A cute kitten is so cute.

Cat CuteKinkyCatKinkyHirksPur: My kitten is cute.

Hugs CatKitsCatHugs: A kitten is adorable!

LemonshirtsLemonyLemones: This kitten is the most adorable!

HirsspayLemmiesHirsplosionLemmy: A loon!

I don’t know how to do this!

HinkspotLemmyspawKinkyLemmo: This loon is so adorable!

Dance CatsPurPurpurKinkspawPurpur: A dancing cat is super cute.

CatspecksPurPurpairs: Dance cats are adorable!

Cat PuppiesPurpurPurpets: Cats love puppies.

Bunny PuppiesBunny: A bunny is a kitty.

Cougar PuppiesCougarspawBunnyCougs: A cougar puppy is cute and kitty-like.

Kittens PuppiesKittensCouGsPurpurCougks: Cats are cute!

HousetspurPurpurHouss: A shy cat is a little shy!

Cat FourspurPurfourspur: Cats really love furs!

Lemon FursLemonLemurspur: These furs are cute.

Lime FurslimeFurslimeLemur: I LOVE these furs.

Mama CuddlesMamaCuddle: A mom loves her little brother