Bass fishing in NSW: Cod fishing banned, cod stocks hit by mercury contamination September 10, 2021 September 10, 2021 admin

Posted November 12, 2018 16:10:56 In NSW, cod fishing is being banned.

But that doesn’t mean all cod is dead.

Scientists at the University of New South Wales say they’ve found a few cod fish that have escaped and are thriving in the cod pond.

They say it is not just a cod problem, but also the impact of mercury pollution.

“What you see is the amount of cod being caught has decreased by 20 per cent over the past two years,” said Dr Michael Trewavas from the School of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

“We have some cod that are growing in the pond, but they are not thriving in it.”

It’s not just one or two fish, but more and more fish that are getting caught, and that is a very significant issue.

“Dr Trewabas says the fish are thriving on a lot of the pollutants that are in the waters, including mercury.”

They have no problem with that, they have no problems with it,” he said.”

The problem is with mercury and the amount that we put in it, and it is still a problem for them.

“The fish are also eating a lot more fish, which is causing some of the cod to lose weight.”

One of the most significant changes in cod over the last five years has been the growth in weight,” he explained.”

There’s a lot less fish in the tank, and there’s a lack of oxygen.

“Dr Thomas Trewa has seen fish that weigh as much as a small car.”

And we’ve seen some of them that are up to 50 kilograms,” he says.”

When we’ve been looking at cod over a couple of years, we’ve found that we’re finding the same sort of fish.

So we’re seeing them in the same water, and they’re eating more fish.

“In Victoria, there are also concerns about mercury in the water.”

In Victoria we’ve had some problems with mercury in water, but we’ve also seen that the fish in Victoria are living a very healthy lifestyle,” Dr Trewas said.

And he says there is a lot at stake.”

Some of the fish that we’ve identified that are surviving are probably not the same fish that were in the wild,” he added.”

So if we can’t find these fish, we can lose them.

“If we lose fish, they lose a lot.”

That’s something we’ve got to think about, that is the issue, and we need to make sure that we have a plan for the future.