US Fish and Wildlife Service says it has stopped issuing licenses to ‘swai’ fish and ‘texas fishery license’ September 17, 2021 September 17, 2021 admin

US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) has announced it will stop issuing licenses for swai fish and Texas fishing license after a review of their use in the United States, a statement from the agency says.

Swai, which are native to Indonesia, are commonly found in coastal waters off Australia’s east coast.

The agency said it has started the process to assess the effectiveness of the swai license for use in its waters.

The move follows a series of reviews by the agency into the use of swai, including an extensive review by the USFWS in 2018.

The USFTS said swai are a vital tool in the management of the country’s marine environment and are important for reducing fish mortality and promoting healthy fish populations.

“These licenses, along with the US Department of Agriculture’s Fisheries Management Licensing (FML) program, provide the opportunity for the American public to participate in the process of managing the fisheries of the United State, in a way that preserves the public trust, promotes the conservation of fisheries resources, and serves the health and welfare of the American people,” USFws statement said.

The statement comes after the US Fish& Wildlife Service said it would stop issuing swai licenses to Texas and other states that had used the licenses inappropriately, such as Florida and New Jersey.

Swaii, also known as Texas’ “big-eye” fish, are often found in freshwater and saltwater waters.

Swati is commonly known as the “big fish” in the aquarium trade, which was originally developed to allow fishkeepers to keep bigger fish in their aquariums and provide them with food and fresh water.

The term swai comes from the swati, a Japanese word meaning “small fish” or “saltwater fish”.