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An Indian woman is celebrating her 50th birthday with a birthday cake decorated with fish.

The cake features a pair of red-and-white fish that have been baked on top of a white cake.

The cake was created by a friend, Raja Devi, in her home village of Ujjain, near the eastern Indian state of Bihar.

It features a fish cake topped with a pink cake of coconut and rice.

“We had a friend who worked in a bakery and she brought a cake for her 50 birthday.

She told us about the cake,” said Devi, a resident of Ujain, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.”

I wanted to bake a cake like that for my friends birthday,” she added.

She started by baking a red cake with a white icing, and the fish cake.

But she wanted to add a coconut cake on top.

“The cake is made with coconut flour, which I use for cakes,” she said.

“The fish cake is a cake made with a red colour.

I also added some rice flour and coconut flour on top to make the cake look different.”

The cake has been featured on the official website of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), and on news channels like CNN-IBN.

It is also a popular birthday gift for friends and family, said Devendra Raghunath, the programme manager for the cake.

“It is a great gift for any family,” he said.

“When I was younger, my parents always sent me a birthday card for my birthday and I wanted to give it to my friends and relatives.

Now I am celebrating it with friends, so they can also have it,” he added.