India to auction off 4,000 fishing boats to fund coastal protection October 7, 2021 October 7, 2021 admin

New Delhi, Oct 25 (UPI) India will auction off its 4,500 fishing boats by 2022 to fund a coast protection program, according to an official statement.

The statement came after the ministry of environment and forest released its draft Coastal Protection and Management Plan, which outlined the plan to tackle threats to the country’s coastal communities.

The plan calls for the purchase of 2,000 boats and the creation of a task force of 20 officers to protect the coasts and coastal areas in a bid to reduce the threat of fishing and the spread of invasive species, such as crabs, mussels, fish and birds.

The proposal comes amid a national fishery crisis that has seen fishing vessels catch around 60,000 tons of fish over the past five years.

The government has ordered the closure of more than 2,500 vessels and the evacuation of more 10,000 people since a devastating 2014 cyclone that destroyed more than 90 percent of the country.