How to cook fish and other fishsticks October 8, 2021 October 8, 2021 admin

The term “fishsticks” has a long and rich history in India.

They have been known for many years in various forms and there are many recipes to choose from, and many of them are delicious.

We here at Fishbowl India love fishsticks so much, we have made a guide to help you make them.

Here are our top tips for making fishsticks in India: 1.

The fish sticks need to be fresh.

There are several types of fishsticks available in India, but we recommend the fresh fish sticks.

Fresh fish sticks are best, and you can buy them at any Indian grocery store.

They are cheaper than the plastic fish sticks, and don’t get all too sticky or too dry.


The best time to make a fishstick is in the morning.

When you’re cooking the fish, you want it to be very tender.

A sharp knife will not cut through a fish, and a fork will not get all the way through.


A good quality fish stick will take about 10 minutes to make.

For example, we recommend using a quality fishstick from the market for 10 minutes.

The thicker the stick, the longer it will take to cook.


You can use different types of dried fish sticks and they all have different qualities.

We recommend buying fish sticks from Indian markets that are not only fresher, but also more expensive than those from overseas.

They will also taste better.


You’ll need a little patience.

When making fishstick recipes, we suggest making them for two hours at the most, and cooking them on a medium flame.

You will be surprised at how many fishsticks you’ll end up with.

For that reason, we’ve included a step-by-step guide to making fish sticks in India below.


When the fishsticks are done, add some chopped parsley and let them sit for about 20 minutes.

It will add a delicious kick to the fishstick.


Fishstick recipes are a great way to serve fish at parties or gatherings.

They’re easy to prepare, and are also delicious served at home with some sauce or tomato sauce.

We’ve also put together a few fishstick appetizers to keep you busy for hours.