When your fishing kayak crashes, you might want to replace it with a fishing boat October 19, 2021 October 19, 2021 admin

In August, a Florida kayaker was struck and killed by a flying fish while fishing in the Florida Keys.

The crash was reported to the National Park Service (NPS) and was quickly investigated by local law enforcement officials.

The pilot of the kayak was charged with manslaughter, though the state’s Attorney General has said the pilot should have been allowed to fly the boat without a license.

The NPS investigated the crash and released a statement on Wednesday saying that “we have received information that the pilot of a fishing kayaker has crashed a fishing vessel in the Keys.

This information is currently being reviewed and is being shared with the relevant authorities.

It is important to note that the NPS has no evidence that the driver of the boat has been convicted of a crime.”

The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary said in a statement that the accident occurred “after a heavy storm on the day of the crash.”

“The accident is being investigated by the National Marine Sanctuaries Safety Investigation Team and we are cooperating with the investigation,” the statement said.

“We are also working with our local partners to ensure that the safety of our guests is always our top priority.”