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The State Government has reached an agreement with a Queensland fishing licence holder to allow online fishery licences to be issued in the state.

Key points:The deal will allow online fishing licences to become available in Queensland for up to five yearsThe agreement will also see the creation of a Queensland Fisheries Commission to monitor and enforce the fishing licence rules.

“We will now be able to see whether any fishery licence holders have applied for an online fisheries licence,” State Minister for Fisheries, Industry and Energy, Peter Dutton, said.

“This will give us a clear indication as to whether there is a commercial fishery in Queensland, and we can then take action on it if we think that there is.”

There will also be an online licensing process, and if the online fishers licence holder chooses to do so, we will issue them a licence.

“The deal was struck between the Queensland Government and Queensland Fishing Licensing Authority (QFLA).”

We’ve had a lot of discussions with the Queensland FLCA and the Queensland Fishing License Authority and have been keen to work through some of these issues with them,” Mr Dutton said.

The Queensland Fisheries Minister said the deal was an example of Queensland working with its industry partners to make the internet fishing industry “a reality”.”

He said there was a huge demand for licensed fishing in the region, with a further 600,000 licences in use today.””

We’ve seen the amount of activity and the amount the online sector generates in Queensland.”

He said there was a huge demand for licensed fishing in the region, with a further 600,000 licences in use today.

“These are people who will be using the online system, and it’s a great way to do that, it’s cheaper than going to the office, it has a very good rate of return,” he said.

He said the agreement would also see Queensland Fisheries Commissioner Chris Hillier have greater oversight of the online fisheries system.

“Chris will now have greater responsibility over the online fishing industry and its regulatory framework, and will be able provide a better analysis of the industry,” Mr Hillier said.

Mr Dutton and Queensland Fisheries Agency chief executive Steve Stavro were also in the Queensland Cabinet for a meeting on Wednesday.

Mr Hillier and Mr Densley said the new arrangements would see licensed fishing operators able to apply for an Online Fishery Licence.

“Licensed fishers will be required to submit a self-assessment form,” Mr Stavru said.”[The] information provided will be used to identify commercial fishers in the online ecosystem, and they will be subject to a licence assessment process.”

He also said the process for the licence would be more streamlined, with the licence holder providing a copy of the licence to the Queensland Fish Commission.

“In the end, the Queensland Fisheries Board will then review the licence and, if they approve it, issue it,” Mr Tullock said.

Fisheries minister Peter DutTONY FISHERS COMMISSIONER PERSISTENTLY IN THE MIDDLE: Fisheries Minister Peter DUTTONY FOLLOWs his counterpart, Minister for Fishing Licences, Steve Staveley, in the Governor’s Chambers during the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

Keypoints:The agreement between the State Government and QFLA will see the new online fisherys licence be issued for up 5 yearsMr Dutton said the licensing authority had also signed up to a contract to issue licences to online fisherists in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Once approved, the licence will provide a full licence and be valid for five years.””

The licensee will be responsible for ensuring the licence is complied with and is properly authorised by the Queensland Fishery Board,” he explained.

“Once approved, the licence will provide a full licence and be valid for five years.”

Fishery Licensing Minister Peter Goulton says the deal will help bring online fisherie to Queensland.

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